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A Message from PBI Chair Walt McRee


Let’s stand together and move forward.

The election of a new Administration has sent shock waves through both sides of the political aisle, some seeing great new promise and others seeing despair and disappointment. But both sides bear witness to the fact that an economic system under the control of private special interests continues to undermine democratic control and public interest. The desire for change of that reality weighs heavy on a broad cross-section of American citizens.

While other deep issues also drove the election outcome, the common concerns of economic fairness and democratic influence motivate our commitment to create new publicly-owned, public interest banks across the country. They can be the restorative agents that help usher in a greater and stronger America.

Our work here at the Public Banking Institute is now more important than ever. Whether the outcome of Tuesday night's election sparked feelings of joy or sorrow, I ask that you continue to take steps together with us to strengthen public interest as a key objective in renewing our economic system.

Please email your friends and ask them to join the PBI community by signing up for our newsletter and following us on Facebook and Twitter. There’s much to do, and my hope is that we can continue to work together to advance economic fairness by establishing viable alternatives for communities, for families, for us all.

Thank you so much for your continued support. Let’s stand together and move forward.


Walt McRee, Chair

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